A little self promotion never hurt anyone

Webware - Cool Web Apps for EveryoneI didn’t plan on blogging twice today, but I can’t pass this one up. I’d like to share with you a write-up on JibberJobber from a CNET website, Webware.com. Rafe Needleman is the editor, and has a long history of writing about tech companies. I’m honored that he spent time poking around JibberJobber and doing this write-up. Notice that the image on his post is a screen that he grabbed with his own data, so you can see that he actually played around with it! Go check out what Rafe has to say and then, if you have a digg account, please click here to digg it.

Now, my comments on his post (you didn’t think I would leave it at that, did you??):

First, the tagline in the logo is “cool web apps for everyone” … I know JibberJobber is cool, and I’m really glad to see that it made it in this write-up because it really is, in my opinion, for everyone. Whether you are in your job search or not (and Rafe talks about this) it has applicability to you!

Second, he says there are some worksheets to create your own personal 30 second pitch. Make that, pitches. This is critical because you may have a pitch for an interview with a big company that is different than the pitch for the small company. And then there are the pitches for the casual networking event, the bumped-into-you at the grocery store, the pitch for position x and a pitch for position y, etc. A pitch for your own business, your hobby, etc. You probably can’t have too many pitches.

Third, he says the user interface is “downright plain and lacks a few buttons” – good thing this is web-based so that those additional buttons can just show up once we develop them! As far as being plain, we work hard to keep everything as simple as possible, and more importantly, uncluttered. I don’t have any sponsors yet… I’d love to have some sponsors but I dread figuring out how to put their images up without detracting from the application. I want to make this a pleasant experience for you!

Fourth, and this blew me away, he says “In some ways, JibberJobber is a completely private version of LinkedIn…” What a compliment! I see it as a complementary toolset to LinkedIn and other social networking sites, but to even be compared with a powerhouse like LinkedIn is a great complement.

I’ll be grinning all night long, but I must give credit where its due (read: this is going to sound like I’ve just received an Emmy or something – skip this paragraph if you don’t want to get cheesed-out). I have a very talented development team behind me, and there is no way that we could be where we are at with such a classy product without this outstanding talent. I’d like to name them but, well, I can’t yet 🙂 Also, I have been honored to have been featured in many blog posts from veteran bloggers and newbies alike, and that has significantly contributed to “where I’m at.” Equally important is the feedback that I’ve received from users who have asked for simple changes to make it work a little better, or huge changes to add significant features. All of this has helped the product grow as it should. Last but not least, my investors and mentors have been steadfast and encouraging, and have played a significant role in helping me iron out the business.

Its been a fun ride and, as usual, I have some cool news coming soon. Stay tuned!

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