Miscellaneous Miercoles

Seems to roll off the tongue better than “Miscellaneous Wednesday,” doesn’t it? Well, I’ve been accumulating some fun things that I wanted to pass along to you and today’s the day to do it! Read on for various things that you might want to learn more about…

Rock Your Network Teleseminar – tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov 30 2006) afternoon (check link for your time zone) – this is a 90 minute seminar on the phone (read: if you are at home, it is casual dress 😉 that should get you on-track for effective networking. I can only imagine that it will be full of basic and advanced networking tips, examples of techniques, etc. I’ve known Wendy for a few months and she is highly regarding in the coaching world – this is $10 to listen in, another $5 if you want the MP3, and another $5 if you want a transcript. I’d definitely pay the $10 and listen in, especially if you are frustrated with your networking results or you haven’t really begun to network yet (trust me, better to learn about it in this 90 minute call than to spend 3 – 6 months making mistakes).

Mike Murray’s second free teleseminar is tomorrow – I was on the teleseminar yesterday and found it interesting (it was about integrated thinking from a non-techie – talking with techies about how to be more successful in their jobs and career management). Tomorrow’s sounds very very interesting to me. A bonus is that it is in Canada so us Americans get to chuckle as the pronounse various words (ie. process) and wonder what the correct pronounciation really is! I highly recommend this call, its free and should be insightful. I think it will be about an hour. I really think people like Carl Chapman should listen in as there might be some stuff to learn from another recruiter in a totally niche area (and another country), and I think that Mike should invite Carl to be one of his interviewees sometime down the road… if nothing else his southern accent is fun to hear! No really, I know Carl will have good insight, even though its a different industry, it should be a great cross-pollinization discussion. And for non-recruiters, I’d say its a must – if you manage techies, are a techie, or have any career consternation!

New York Job Lynx (that is, NewYorkJobLynx.com) – as a job seeker I was uber-frustrated by all of the “resources” available to me, and the fact that I could spend all day looking for them and all night sifting through them. Know what I mean? This is a site that claims to have all of the resources that you could ever want if you live in New York City. This is a pay-site – so you have to pay to get access, but they claim to have a money-back guarantee. I think that if I were looking for a site in New York I’d check it out just because they supposedly accumulate lots of stuff of interest specifically to New Yorkers. If it gets to overwhelming you might want to find a tool to manage it all … like, er, JibberJobber 😉

Finally, there is a new game that you might want to check out if you have an entreprenuruel spirit, or want to make money online. You may have heard of Robert Kiyosaki’s (Rich Dad, Poor Dad – note he’s different that Guy Kawasaki) board game kind of like Monopoly – this other game claims to be the first and only internet marketing board game – its even called… Internet Marketing Board Game! The idea behind this kind of game is that you have a ton of fun while learning about techniques, processes, tools, etc. From what I understand the team behind this game has done a ton of research (they have their own company that teaches people this stuff) and done “testing” in southern California (I’m guessing that testing a board game is way more fun than testing software!) So why do I post this here? Because my message is about career management, and there are a ton of people that have other income streams that help in case of a job loss. It is not cheap, and I haven’t played it yet, but knowing these ladies it is complete and fun. Geez, I wonder why I haven’t been invited to play, as they live in the same city as I do 🙁

I think that’s it… just some miscellanous stuff for today!

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