Grab You’s some Popped Corn!

YeeHaw! It’s finally here… the carnival is in town and there are all kinds of performances! I have developed a relationship with most of the people listed below, and all of them are larger than life to me… I’m so flattered to have not only participation in this carnival but real, heartfelt writing.

Sorry to say but some of them won’t be here until tomorrow, as they didn’t post on their blog, rather just sent me an e-mail with a response. But don’t fret, it will be worth it to read what Heather Hamilton and Seth Godin and Peter Clayton have to say about this question:

Yikes! You just lost your job! You’ve been so busy at *work* that you don’t feel your network is as strong as you would like it to be! What are you going to do with (and to) your network in the next 6 weeks as you begin an aggresive job search campaign? And, outside of your network, what job search tactics will you employ? Or your best networking tips related to job searches.

And so here are the other people that are participating… in no particular order! I’m afraid it is going to take a while to read but this is some REALLY REALLY good stuff, from the heart and from personal experience. Here goes…

This was posted at 7:25am MST. Scroll down and see if there are any updates (You can tell I have new updates each time I have a red/bold sentence) as they come in. Also, leave comments on your favorites, thoughts, etc.!

Phil Windley is a professor at BYU, was the CTO of Utah, author of a geek book and writes for a ZDNet blog as well as InfoWorld. I was flattered hat he digressed from his normal topic to address this question … read Phil’s entry here.

Justin Driscoll is the author of 7 Things I wish I Knew Before I Graduated (I can’t wait to get his and review it). Is very in touch with the university crowd and does regular presentations as a part of his normal day job … read Justin’s entry here.

Carl Chapman is The Executive Restaurant Recruiter, and a great blogger. His story hit home with me and has some great lessons … read Carl’s entry here.

Liz Handlin is VP of a professional services firm and owns Ultimate Resumes – she is very qualified in this area and has some great advice … read Liz’s entry here.

Joe Neitham is a Sr. IT Recruiter in Singapore. Very interesting, has a cool blog with neat content … read Joe’s entry here.

Benton Crane is a .. at FamlyLearn, a company that seems to have a way cool culture. His perspective is quite different than most of the others on this page … read Benton’s entry here.

John Reinke has a very interesting blog read on all kinds of stuff and has a number of posts on the “problems” (big grin) of JibberJobber. These posts really get us hopping over here. Anyway, his response is as critical as usual and very good … read John’s entry here.

Scot Herrick is one of my favorite reads because he has a job, and blogs on what its like 😉 Actually, he touches on lots of different things (last week he was on a “buy your own domain” kick, which is a big part of personal branding) … read Scot’s entry here.

George Blomgren is a good on-line buddy and an expert in job search and employment matters. George is a marketing manager for a national system of job board and has developed two different blogs for job seekers and employers… read George’s entry here.

Carolynn Duncan gained some blog fame a few months back when she started a blog about why “[her target company] should hire Carolynn Duncan”… and you saw reference to this all over the Internet. It worked, and I eventually was able to meet with her – very clever, methodical, etc. Right now she is the COO of 42CO, who is presenting their new blogging software in two days in Silicon Valley – by invite. Congrats Carolynn and team! … read Carolynn’s entry here.

Barbara Safani is a well respected executive coach and resume expert who knows a lot about employment issues… she is very well known in her circle, you’ll have to read more about her (just click her name) … read Barbara’s entry here.

Scott Ingram makes me jealous – he owns a great domain name (, lives in one of the coolest cities in one of the coolest states, and has a blog that doesn’t allow me to comment on and impart my wisdom 🙁 I’ve gotten to know Scott a little and have found him to be as nice as he is cool. As a regular speaker on networking and facilitator of business networking events in Austin, I was pleased to hear he would be contributing … read Scott’s entry here.

Dan Johnson is no ordinary job seeker – he started his own blog with some friends and blogs on job search things. This is a great exercise as it forces you to think about the process, and I’ve found his writings to be valuable … read his entry here.

Thom Singer is pretty much responsible for this carnival thing – I participated in his a couple of months ago and he asked if I wanted to host this month. He has a book, a quiz on networking, speaks on networking and is otherwise very qualified in this arena. I was reading his post nodding the entire time. If you are interested in hosting the next carnival (has to do with networking) let Thom know!read Thom’s entry here.

Posted at 8am MST – these were actually submitted via the website – sorry I didn’t get you guys in at the same time!

Andrew Flusche (aka Legal Andrew) has a great read on his blog and helps me understand the law student preparing for the job market … he presents Business Cards for (Law) Students.

Pamela Slim has an excellent blog – a daily must-read. Her entry is called How do you introduce yourself?

Jack Yoest presents Job Search? PASS This Test posted at Reasoned Audacity.

Yvonne LaRose has been in recruiting and blogging about it for quite some time… her entry is called “People Like Me Because of My Calming Nature

updated at 12:15pm MST

Daniel Sweet owns FRACAT and has experience as a tech recruiter and apparently advising all his friends and family (for free!) about the job search. This isn’t a blog entry but he submitted this page, which I think has some great info … read Dan’s input here.

Mike Murray has a thoughtful blog that I found a week ago. We both like Ferrazzi’s book, … and reading through his blog reminds me of my last month’s You Get It Winner of the month! … read Mike’s entry here.

Updated/added at 3:10pm MST

I have some friends at Spherion who were kind enough to pass this along to the bloggers… I figure anyone that is involved in helping place 375,000 people a year is pretty qualified to weigh in on this carnival! This post is actually 2-part, by two different authors, and I LOVE the very very last two sentences … read the whole thing here.

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  1. Jason-

    Wow, you did a GREAT job with the Networking Carnival. So many great blog posts from a lot of folks I had not known of in the past. Thank you for hosting the 2nd edition of this carnival.


  2. Hey, thanks for the carnival. I stole, … err …, LEARNED lots of new stuff. But who won the car? Every carnival has a “grand prize”. I’m looking for my claim chit now. Which was the grand prize winner. Which “answer” was “best”? In the Western World paradigm, there are winners and losers. The East has it’s karmic wheel. We have Wheel of Fortune. So where’s Vanna with my car? 🙂

  3. With regard to “the prize”… I will give me input on these entries later, in a format that I think you’ll all appreciate. But I’m not going to single anyone out today – I’ll let you guys either rant or rave about other folk’s entries. There is a lot of truth, great personal experience, etc. Some things I’ve already gotten off-line e-mails from folks saying “that isn’t right”…

    But here’s what I’ll say – to John, and all others – thank you for participating. For everyone that is posted up to right now (that includes everyone up to the 8am MST posts), I will give you 1 free year of premium access. That is 18 people * $105 = about $1,900. KEEP READING!

    I realize that many of you are not in a position to use this… that’s okay. Phil, give it to one of your students for outstanding work, Barbara, give it to one of your clients, Carl, give it to one of your candidates, George, give it to one of your blog readers, Andrew, well, you’ll probably want to keep it for yourself!

    So, there you go – there’s the prize – just e-mail me OFF LINE and I’ll make sure that the account that you want upgraded for 12 months for free will be taken care of.

  4. … … no car … … 🙁 … … no Vanna White 🙁 🙁 … … no fame or fortune like Scobleizer … … 🙁 🙁 🙁

    BUT lots of karmic points … … priceless. 🙂

  5. Wait – you guys get stuff for blogging? When did this happen? Did I forget to give someone my phone number?

    Thanks for the subscription, Jason! I’ll probably think of some appropriate contest to give it away to some of my bloggers.


  6. Jason,
    Great info! Thanks for organizing this. Someone should digg it so the word gets out even more.
    Check out my blog post – I responded yesterday.

  7. Jason,

    Loved your question! To add my 2cents….the very first thing I do when I meet a new client who’s lost their job is this — I help them deal with the ending. Once they are comfortable with the “ending” process, then we move on to the other very important matters, as well. By dealing with the “ending” first and celebrating the “ending”, a good foundation exists for moving forward with a positive mental attitude, an optimistic outlook, and a happy heart!

  8. Isn’t it always the case? There was a CareerBuilder article that I found last year. It sticks in the back of my mind because the 8 warning signs are so dead-on accurate. The “7 Signs” piece was a close second. But “Eight Signs Your Job is Doomed” [“
    ” for the printer friendly version] by Kate Lorenz is classic. In fact, I recently had a conversation with someone who had just quit their job. When they recited the reasons why, I thought they were reading from Kate’s article. My jaw dropped.

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