Wax On Wax Off

Trying to come up with another way of saying “more polishing” on JibberJobber… note the following updates that are currently live (some from a few days ago, others as of a few hours ago). Thanks to all of those who gave feedback on these issues:

  • Multi-national characters – we kind of ignored this for a while but finally got around to fixing it. This applies to those in foreign countries with those funny little alphabet letters and symbols that Americans just don’t understand… but it also applies to those that have international contacts (I hear the world is flat now). Note this works on importing as well as directly entering it on the form. (not tested in Chinese and I think 2 other languages, if you problems just let me know)
  • Navigation on List Panels – there used to be just a next/previous navigation on the bottom of the list panel, now it is on the top and the bottom.
  • Search on Library is available for free!!! If you are a regular user you may not have known about the search box in the upper right… well, now you get it! But it only searches on the Library – which is cool because… see next bullet. Note that if you want a quick search on your companies, contacts and the Library, go ahead and upgrade.
  • How to Get the Most out of JibberJobber – this is a new series of little articles in the Library that kind of explains various things that may not be too intuitive. For example, I have one called List Panels Explained. You can find these from the search (see last bullet), or from going into the Library, Articles, and down at the very bottom. What else do you want me to include in here?
  • Get Contact List Update: More Output – you asked to see the company and category on the output that you can print out… and now its there.
  • Get Contact List Update: Filtering Your Results – you can now filter down to get more precise data based on tags, categories, etc. Much cleaner now than before, but still a little bit of work to get it really really smooth. Coming soon, I promise!
  • Network Contact List Panel, New Column – Not sure how we overlooked this one, but now you can add the “Company” to the list panel on your network contacts. Very useful!

Shucks, I know I’m forgetting some stuff… but you get the idea. If you got any more cool ideas, please send them my way! I have lists of stuff that will keep us busy for months but you’d be surprised at how easy some of your requests are. More to come!

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