Your Map with Their Pictures!!!

GoogleMaps with profile images!This last week when we allowed you to add an image to your contact’s profile was well recieved. But check this out… now that profile image can be on the maps (it is up to you, as a user preference)! See this image on the right? It is a shot of my map (ok, the demo account’s map) with two network contacts (see their images? Its Garth Brooks and Miss Piggy!) and the red marker on Mr. Demo’s house. This is in the free version!

I wonder what Mike Pegg, the world’s expert on GoogleMaps, would think about this feature? I’ve been on his site poking around and saw customized graphics for these markers, but didn’t see anyone that allows YOU, the user, to have your own meaningful graphics!

This became available just a few hours ago and I’ll all giddy about it… it is too cool! Job seekers and professionals have the opportunity to be empowered like never before! But that’s enough writing for a Saturday – enjoy your weekend!

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