M&Ms and Breast Cancer

A little bit off-topic but something good to end the week on: chocolate and service.

I have a friend down the street that got breast cancer last year – she was treated and supposedly everything is fine now. But it was very scary for her family and for her friends (like us). I’ve never donated to any cancer research or anything like that probably because I’m lazy and it I guess it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do (like, say… buy some candy ;)) Plus I’m a little distrusting of some “non-profits” because I want to know that 100% (or close to it) goes to the actual cause.

So I picked up on this post by a blog buddy (and it has been picked up by his blog buddy, also a very talented recruiter blogger), and I thought I’d pass it on. It doesn’t get easier than this:

Sometime this month (hey, Halloween is in 4 days!!) go to the store and buy the M&Ms that have the pink ribbon on the package. A portion of that purchase goes to the fight against breast cancer. It can’t be easier than that.

If you want to donate more, buy this for all of your halloween candy. If you don’t eat M&Ms then buy the peanut M&Ms and mail them to my house! I’m a peanut M&M junkie!!

(and for all the skeptics out there, here’s the official page: M&M press release)

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2 thoughts on “M&Ms and Breast Cancer”

  1. I am all for anything that can be done to fight cancer. But I do have a pet peeve. I think prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer to afflict humans, but it receives only a tenth the funding of breast cancer. That’s because prostate cancer doesn’t have the lobby that breast cancer does. It’s too bad our diseases can’t be researched and fought based on medical priority. Breast cancer is a high priority, but so are some others.

    No, I don’t have prostate or any other type of cancer, and nobody in my family has prostate cancer. But it has bugged me for years that it doesn’t get its share of funding.

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