Preparing to Import into JibberJobber

I’ve had a couple of calls in the last 2 weeks about importing… so I’m writing this post (part one of two) to help clarify.

First, you need to have a CSV file to import into JibberJobber! If you are using something else (like Outlook, PalmDesktop, CardScan, or your own spreadsheet) that is cool. But you have to get the data ready for JibberJobber to accept. It needs to be a csv file (or a vcard, for onsie-twosie imports from Outlook). So I’m going to show you how to create this CSV file from Outlook (most programs will be very similar… note, my version of Outlook may be different than yours, but this will be fairly close).

In Outlook, click on File, then Import and Export.

choose Import and Export

Next, select Export to a file (note the rest are for importing) and hit Next

Choose Export

Next, choose the one that says “Comma Separated Values“, which is what CSV stands for. I’m choosing the one with (Windows) in it (not sure why, if this is wrong I’ll fix this post). Click on the Next button.
Choose CSV Windows

Next, choose the folder you want to send to this CSV file. In this case you will choose the Contacts Folder, and click Next.

Choose Contacts Folder

Then it asks you where you want this file to end up. I like to put it on my desktop because it is always easy to find, but MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE SAVING IT. You can copy and paste what’s in the white box to a Word doc just to keep track of where you are saving it.

Save Somewhere

This last page allows you to map fields, don’t worry about that… just click on the finish button.


You should have the CSV file with all of your contacts and their information sitting on your desktop (or wherever you saved it). Now you are ready for Part II, which I’ll post on soon.

Remember, you can do this from other programs, and it usually is this easy (or easier).

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