And the winner is…..

I got a cool e-mail from Dave in Oregon last night. He originally had some questions on “how to…” (I know, I’m grossly deficient there, and Dave is even a computer genius!). This was our second exchange and we had diverted into other stuff – personal branding. I was really impressed with what Dave is doing, and I thought about it a while – and I had an idea. I talked it over with my board of directors (well… I’m the only one on the board) and decided to reward users that are really creating their own brand!

So Dave, you are the first (monthly, if I remember) winner of JibberJobber’s “I Get It” award. The prize is a cyber-high-five, a link on my blog (see on the left?) and 3 additional months of premium access – for free!

Here’s why I think what Dave is doing is so cool:

First, he has his own website that is based on his personal brand – This is right in line with what others are talking about, such as the guerrilla job marketer here and Justin (who has a book ;)).

Second, he has a long-term strategy. This is not a site for one job hunt, this is a long-term personal branding strategy. You’ll have to read for yourself (I’m bolding parts for emphasis):

Feel free to use my site as an example of personal branding. The site isn’t much right now. I’m at the beginning of my job search. My plan is to use my website to sell myself in ways that no resume can. There are so many things that a website is capable of that it is a waste to simply use it to display your resume (as I am doing now). I plan to add quite a bit assuming I don’t get distracted (by being hired). Like you mentioned, I plan to start a blog. I also want to add applications (yet to be developed) to demonstrate my abilities, testimonials from previous employers, various articles about my attitudes about development, exit surveys that solicit advice from employers (eg. “What skills would make me a more attractive candidate?), links to sites/articles/projects that interest me, etc. etc. etc. This kind of website would provide employers with a fuller picture of who I am. There isn’t much on the site right now, because I just wanted to put something up quickly so that I can start applying for jobs. Once I get my resume finalized, I plan to slowly add content. Once I’m hired, I plan to keep it and update it as my career progresses. If I ever need to find a new job, getting ready for the next job hunt won’t be as difficult.

Is that cool or what? You can’t tell me he doesn’t get it!

I just happen to know that Dave has started a blog, I read the first two posts, and they are GREAT. They directly support his brand and expertise, and one thing I like is that in just the first two posts he shows a great deal of breadth and depth. Blog + website? See what CM Russell has to say about that here. But I like how Dave is adding MORE to substantiate who he is and what he brings to the table… and the idea that this is building his personal brand.

Congratulations Dave. I look forward to seeing this site evolve!

(yes, that is a golf trophy… I’m looking for a better image ;))

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  1. Personal Branding is the strategy that I and CM Access’ other advocates introduce to job seekers every day! So cool to have found your blog, and definitely plan to frequent the site.

    I also extend the metaphor of a personal brand to the job search process. More often than not, the search is more like the selling of a product and the marketing should be approached as such.

    Working with creative and marketing professionals, I can attest to the challenge that selling can be, especially for those of us that aren’t salespeople! But keep the following branding tactics in mind for your job search, might come in handy:
    -awareness is key, so meet people (and keep in touch, top of mind), post blog comments, set up a website, get your name and identity out there!
    -try non-traditional channels (monster probably won’t cut it) like calling instead of emailing, get someone’s attention
    -figure out the right target and know how to reach them (read: the more you know about the person reading your resume, the better you can tailor the information to them to grab their interest)
    -answer the same questions for your resume as you do when making a purchase: why would they need me? what can I do for them that they might not already have? focus on the unique identifiers!

    and as always, feel free to check out for more career advocacy! we’re organizing the second barcamp/meetup CreativeCamp coming up–might we be eligible for the “get it” award?

  2. MaryHelen, I’m glad you found my blog 🙂 Sounds like you have an excellent way to help people get current on their personal brand. I was at a podcast event last night and a blog conference this morning and it amazes me that so many exec’s (even in marketing) don’t know how easy, cheap and accessible these tools and mediums are. And – how effective they are to develop a long-term personal brand!

    I don’t have an award for companies like yours, rather they are for people that show they get it and do their own personal branding. I’d love submissions of your clients that you have.

    Also, the CreativeCamp sounds like a BLAST, I wish I could go. It is in Philadelphia, so anyone that can go I highly recommend it (a high priority for me, if I were going, would have to be to eat those incredible steak sandwiches every day! I don’t know why no one else can make them quite the same!)

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