Server Issues

We had quite a day today… it started when I tried to login to JibberJobber this morning at 7am and it didn’t work. I tried 3 other logins and nothing worked. Then I went to the blog page and it had an error. Argh! Let me back up a little.

JibberJobber went live on May 15th, and since then we’ve been with GoDaddy. There have been a few little glitches here and there but I was able to live with it. About two weeks ago we were having a problem (that I couldn’t live with) and so I told my dev team to prepare to move the site to a new server environment. This new server environment is one that you move to if you are serious about heavy traffic, lots of users, high reliability, etc. I honestly thought that we wouldn’t make this move until after Christmas, but since my team had been working on it and the server was totally choking, we decided to move this morning!

So, how lucky are we that we had been preparing for this fateful day. No data has been lost, and we still have access to the old server. We’ve been testing all day but if you come across anything wierd then let us know – we’ll jump on it right away.

Now that we got this server move out of the way we are free to do some more great development. And boy, do we have some great stuff we’re working on!

Sorry if this was an inconvenience to anyone – hopefully we’re on a great long-term solution that we can grow with.