Your blog… follow-up from yesterday

Some follow-up from yesterday’s post about blogging for your personal brand (check out this “Cowboy Up” post – see the 4th bullet point in the list?).

If you think about everyone involved in the whole employment arena, recruiters obviously play a big role.  Check this post out from Spherion – even though they’re new to blogging they have been around for a long time and are well known – and huge ($2+ Billion).  Blogcruiting?  You better believe it.  Recruiters are a part of “the playing field,” and if they see the value of blogging doesn’t it make sense that you see it for a job seeker?

Ah, but you are not a job seeker.  Or you only want to find a job and then you’ll be set for decades.  Ya right – don’t forget that statistically you will change jobs about every 3 years!  So you are a professional job seeker as much as they are professional recruiters!

Coincidentally the Guerilla Job Hunting guy blogged about something quite similar as I did yesterday – not a blog but a personal website.  Excellent suggestion – note that what he suggests can be done with blogging software.  But having a personal website AND a blog (like his example at the bottom) is not a bad idea – think “my corporate image” plus the more current blog.  Again, companies are doing this – why shouldn’t you?


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  1. Thanks for the support JibberJobber! We’ve received an incredibly warm welcome to the blogosphere and we truly appreciate it. Couldn’t agree more with your advice to job seekers to emulate the very techniques companies are using to “market” themselves. In fact, as you might have caught in my post about blogcruiting, I referenced an example of Carolyn Duncan who landed a job through her own personal blog. One of many examples out there I’m sure. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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