Types of Coaches

As I’ve studied the “coach” thing, there are three things that are consistent.  A great coaching relationship will:

1. be based on true principles.  If a coach teaches fad junk stuff then you are off to a bad start.  I think 95% of the coaches will teach the true principles.

2. provide accountability.  This is key – even the greatest athletes have coaches that hold them accountable, and (usually) they recognize the value in this relationship.

3.  have tools to facilitate the relationship.  Obviously the tools include e-mail, phone, etc. but I think that JibberJobber is an EXCELLENT tool to greatly enhance a coaching relationship (have you seen the coaching features?)

Here’s a great article on different types of coaches, specifically types of career coaches.  I didn’t realize there were so many!  You gotta read this article to see the definitions – if you want a coach it will be very valuable to understand these differences. The breakdown is as follows:

Career Planning Coaches

Career Development Coaches

Career Management Coaches

Career Transition Coaches

One size doesn’t fit all, eh?