I haven’t seen a job search tool so feature rich since I started working in the career space 11 years ago. I’m not aware of an online tool out there that is more comprehensive, while at the same time…FUN TO USE AND RATHER AFFORDABLE!

Keep up the incredible work. I’m not only excited to introduce Jibber Jobber to my clients, but to use it for my own business/personal needs as well!

Spencer Greenwald
Vice President of Corporate Development
eDirect Publishing, Inc.


Job hunting is complex and time consuming process. That’s why I like JibberJobber. It makes things a little bit easier for the everyday job seeker.

CM Russell
President & Founder
AllCountyJobs.com, LLC


For more than two and a half years I, with others, have helped job seekers at the Salt Lake Employment Resource Center by counseling them and teaching workshops for professionals. We teach them how to target growing industries, focus on certain companies within those industries, network into those companies, and improve their interviewing skills. Also, we teach job candidates to have a master resume but also a focused resume for every company they approach. While job seekers find such help valuable, sometimes they have difficulty organizing and applying what they have learned. JibberJobber toolbar provides a plethora of job-search tools you’ll need every time you look for a job. In fact, JibberJobber.com is the best toolset I have found to help a job seeker like you become career-self-reliant for the rest of your life.

Sterling B.
Professional Career Coach/Counselor


I recently lost my employment after twenty six years with the same employer. I drastically underestimated the complexity of keeping track of network contacts, referrals and potential companies. I thought I would be able to track my contacts on scratch paper. Now, three months later, I am very glad that I started using JibberJobber.com. This system will now be a permanent record that I will use forever.

Lane J.
Marketing Executive


Thanks to Jibberjobber, I can focus on the getting the job, instead of managing a spreadsheet! This service has been the critical tool that has kept me organized as I searched for a new job! Thanks Jibberjobber!

Aaron T.
IT Professional


I am a recent graduate from the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management, thinking that I would have no trouble finding good employment by obtaining a degree from a top 40 Business School. During my educational experience, I was taught the importance of proper resume writing, networking and interviewing which I felt that these skills, along with my degree from a good Business School, would be sufficient in helping me to obtain the career of my dreams; however, soon after I graduated, I quickly learned that these skills were inadequate. I found it very challenging to seek, to create a network with others and to properly prepare myself for interviews. I learned through experience that my resume was very unprofessional, my interviewing skills were childish, and my network was practically not existent.

Readily accessible tools for networking, interviewing and resume writing were not easily found or accessible. I had to learn from experience how to properly seek and interview for a job, which experience caused me a great deal of stress and frustration. I know that if I had the tools available as are found on Jibber Jobber, my experience would have been a lot better. This program helps people like you and I learn how to properly network and prepare ourselves for interviews. Jibber Jobber also provides other great tutorials necessary in the preparation to seeking a career. Tools like this will save you and me a lot of time, stress and frustrations.

David W.
Project Manager


I just wanted to say thank you for the valuable resource that JibberJobber is to me. I am looking for a small job right now and I am also in the process of applying to dental school. The interview process will no doubt be a taxing one, and the resources in the JibberJobber library have proven to be very helpful. I look forward to using JibberJobber not only to help with job finding but to create a good network for myself.


Provo, Utah


A successful job search campaign requires exceptional organizational and follow-up skills. Jibber Jobber provides an easy to use interface that takes the drudgery out of the job search process while improving efficiencies and accelerating search activity. Whether you are tracking networking or recruiter leads, job postings, job-related expenses or delving into the robust library for resume and interview tips, Jibber Jobber keeps you on track, focused, and enthusiastic about your search.

Barbara Safani
Certified Resume Writer & Career Coach


I think your site is an excellent idea to [https://www.rushessay.com write my essay]. I think that it is a great tool for any job seeker to be able to put their information in one place in an organized fashion. I see so many customers on a regular basis, some do not keep track of their network contacts, do not write down where they have been or what they have done. Then you have the ones that do write it down, but not to the extent of where the information can be tracked in any logical way. I think your site is a wonderful tool. I look forward to using it and will recommend it to my customers.

Thank you so much.

Sharyn Hancock
CWP,CJSS, CCC, ccc-certified career coach, cwdp-certified workforce development professional,
cjss-certified job seeker services professional.


I’ve also been experimenting with using jibberjobber to keep track of potential consulting clients. JibberJobber makes it so easy to keep track of who I’ve targeted and what progress I’ve made, whether it be networking my way in or in advanced stages of discussion.

Consultant – Strategy and Finance


Excellent website! I can see many applications for my business!

Valerie N.
Bookkeeper and Entrepreneur


As an executive and personal coach, I reviewed the coaching tools that JibberJobber provides and I’m pleased with what I found. Successful coaching is enhanced when my clients are organized, and JibberJobber provides them all the tools they need. Even better is the way I can access a client’s records to check their progress on goals and action steps and even add my own comments. Coaching is about accountability and communication, and JibberJobber improves the process and helps both coach and client. I recommend it with confidence.

Robert Ligget
Corporate Pulse Consulting


Very cool. Love the concept, very helpful. Especially in conjunction with good notes (and relationship history). In the last 10 years I have gone through “surges” of networking. Each time, several months later, I look through a stack of business cards. And I have to toss 2/3 of them — who is this guy? When did I meet him? I saved his card — did I have a good reason to? Your features really address this!

George B.
Job Board and Employment Expert


Looking for a job is a full-time job. Using Jibber-Jobber is a great way to help you manage the important aspects of connecting with the right employer.

Thom Singer
Author of: “Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Grow and Keep Your Business Relationships” (New Year Publishing, 2005)


As a professional with high standards and principals, I have always valued ex-colleagues. Despite the fact they have supplied me with new sources of income for several years now, I always found it difficult to nurture my business network. Now with tools like LinkedIn I can track the people in my network, but still my memory can fail me on details of people I only speak to every few months.

JibberJobber.com complements social networking tools perfectly, because it allows me to track useful facts about the people I trust, about what we have discussed in the past, and it even drops me an email to remind me when I want to get back in touch with someone. This helps to strengthen my individual connections, and enrich my network. I have all the information I need at my fingertips, wherever I am – that’s powerful!

London-based IS Architect


Kudos to the concept of Jibber Jobber. I instantly recognized the functionality of JJ similar to that of a CRM application (“customer relationship management” i.e. salesforce.com, goldmine, act, etc). It is a fabulous tool that centralizes all of your contacts and adds a unique functionality of reminders and tracking, storing logs, and images of your connections. I find it extremely useful in organizing my network contacts and job prospects. Thanks for connecting the dots of the CRM application to job searching.

Jodi Juretich
Executive Finance Professional


Thanks for your vision and efforts with JibberJobber. It has made my job search much more effective and efficient.

The web is supposed to make things better and faster and JibberJobber does just that. It is the tool I use to input a variety of possibilities; jobs I found, companies I like and then and then the actions to progress the opportunity to closure.

Without JibberJobber, I had an absolute administrative nightmare on my hands…now it’s easy, I spend more time on relationships than the admin part.

Thanks a bunch.

David A.


As a corporate filmmaker specializing in bringing brands to life through remarkable employee stories, JibberJobber is now the “script” I use for producing the biggest show of my life…my career!

Thomas R. Clifford
Corporate Documentary Filmmaker
BLOG: https://www.DirectorTom.com
Squidoo: https://www.squidoo.com/corporatevideo
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasclifford


I love JibberJobber. I have been active in my job search for over two months now and my list of contacts and companies was getting to be very disorganized. Also, as a long job search goes on, it is nice to have a tool that will provide some structure and reminders to keep the job seeker motivated to continue the battle.

I hate to admit this but I received a call the other day from a company I could not remember applying for, it was at that moment I realized I needed JibberJobber. After months of applying for jobs online and visiting recruiters it can become very easy to just simply lose track of ones job search.

Jayne R, Chicago, IL


What I love most about Jibber Jobber is how it empowers job seekers to see momentum and success their job search, even before the job offers roll in. It makes campaign management powerful, yet simple, tracking key information such as people, dates, and ideas relevant to propelling a job search forward. Simply put – Jibber Jobber is groundbreaking; in my opinion, the best automated tool available for job seekers. Thank you Jason for both simplifying and automating this complex process so efficiently and effectively!

Laura Labovich
President, A & E Consulting, LLC
Job Search & Career Coaching Services

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