3 AI Jobs to Look At for a Better Career (ChatGPT, OpenAI, etc.)

I’ve been dabbling in the artificial intelligence (AI) world for a while and want to share some things that are relevant to job seekers. In this post about AI jobs to look at I’m not going to share how to find a job using AI, but I’ll likely do that over this year. I want to shift the conversation job seekers have from how to use AI to find a job to AI jobs to look at, perhaps thinking about changing roles, even industries.

If you feel new to how businesses use AI, check out this article: 10 Ways Businesses Are Using ChatGPT Right Now. Read this with the question, how could I add value to an organization, leader, team, etc., using artificial intelligence. I would hope that, if you are currently working, you go through the 10 ideas and think, “I should be using that right now!”

I fully understand that AI is not perfect. But what technology is? This is a tool… a new tool. Learn how to use it. Master it. And stay with it as it improves. I think this is a way you can increase the value you bring to an employer (or clients).

Let’s take on thing from that list, “To write copy” to get an idea of AI jobs to look at. I should say, I haven’t quite used AI to write copy that I share here on JibberJobber, or if I have it has been so minimally that I can’t remember it, but I know there are organizations that are using AI to write blog posts, articles, and other marketing material.

If you can learn how to use AI to write marketing content you might be able to move into a marketing role. Or, write blog posts for clients if you freelance. You can use AI to help as a marketing professional, proofreader, editor, etc. Or, if you have thought you needed one of those roles on your team, you could use AI to help with those functions.

Just make sure you use critical thinking to evaluate the content you actually use.

AI Jobs to Look At

So here’s the article that made me think about writing this post: How to land a job in artificial intelligence and cash in on the hype. Here are three AI Jobs to Look at right now (look at your favorite job board for these… I would link to them but they might go away by the time you read this post):

AI Content Writer: The key phrase that jumps out from the job description is “to help train AI chatbots…” The company is “looking for a professional content write and copy editor” to “have conversations with chatbots in order to measure their progress…” (link to job, but me be expired)

Prompt Engineer: This is the person who uses AI to get results… like this posting from a game developer who wants to use AI to “bring the characters and world in our mobile turn-based tactics game to life with distinctive flair!” to this posting from a large consulting company who wants an enterprise prompt engineer to “develop, test, and maintain high-quality prompts for various writing scenarios.”

Marketing Manager: Interesting, huh? Look at this posting for the title Marketing Communications Manager & Copywriter (so there are like 3 job titles you can pull out of that)… the first job requirement is a degree, the second is “ability to leverage ChatGPT and other AI tools,” and then you see other less important requirements, like 10 years of experience. Isn’t that crazy??1

ai jobs to look at with chatgpt

AI Jobs to Look At: What Are Your Skills?

If you are interested in AI jobs to look at applying for, consider the skills you should work on and be able to showcase. In this article they talk about “analytical judgement” (I usually say critical thinking) and flexibility. They say emotional intelligence is important, as is creative evaluation and curiosity. For more, read the article.

What is emotional intelligence? Nothing… just one of my favorite topics! I have a course on this at Pluralsight, here: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Hey, if none of this makes sense to you, go search it on the internet. Or, better yet, improve your AI skills and go to ChatGPT and ask questions about anything in this post to learn more.

What a crazy world we live in.