Landing Job Interviews with ChatGPT (with 5 Awesome Ideas)

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing things other than blogging here… which is weird because I used to write every single day (sometimes on holidays and sometimes on weekends)! I’ve missed it, but I haven’t been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. In this post I want to share a Reddit post I found about landing job interviews with ChatGPT. I’ve been delving into ChatGPT and learning about some of the amazing things people are doing with it. When I found this post I was intrigued, wondering how anyone is landing job interviews with ChatGPT.

I’m not talking about this prompt, although it isn’t a bad place to start:

landing job interviews with chatgpt

Also, caveat, I’m not saying that ChatGPT should replace a professional you have engaged to help you with your resume, LinkedIn profile, interviewing, job search strategy, etc. ChatGPT is amazing but it’s not free from problems (like hallucinations). But, if you are like me, in my Big Fat Hairy Job Search, with no money and no professional help, you know that landing an interview is valuable, and why not figure out landing job interviews with ChatGPT, or any tools you can find (like tracking your networking with JibberJobber)?

Also also, I’m assuming you have a basic understanding of ChatGPT. If you don’t, go get a free account and play around with it. Just learn.

Landing Job Interviews with ChatGPT: The Post

Back to the Reddit post… the author says that he applied to 49 jobs over (I think) 4 months and got one interview offer. Then, they used ChatGPT to write or optimize cover letters and immediately got 4 interview offers based on 12 applications. That’s pretty awesome.

Of course, maybe the market changed, or something else changed. Maybe the other 49 jobs were not right for them but the 12 new applications where a perfect fit. There are lots of considerations as to why the success changed from a 2% success rate to a 25% success rate. But whatever those factors were, that change is something you can’t ignore.

So, all celebrating and back-patting in the comments… but not any details on *how* this person used ChatGPT. Luckily, someone else weighed in with specific ideas.

Landing Job Interviews with ChatGPT: 5 Ideas

Reddit user BadAtDrinking gave five specific ideas for landing job interviews with ChatGPT, including:

  • Writing a cover letter customed to a job description
  • Getting talking points for an interview based on job requirements
  • Doing a mock interview with ChatGPT acting as the interviewer, and grading each reply
  • Writing follow up emails
  • Giving advice to lower anxiety about the job search

Folks, we are in a new era of technology. ChatGPT is an amazing tool and it will be amazing, exciting, and maybe a little scary to see what it does over the next few years. I recommend you learn how to use it. Just play around with it. Be curious, and think out loud (and in the prompt box). Have a conversation with ChatGPT. Once you get a result, ask about that result.

There are three important C-words that you’ll need to use to get the best outputs:

Curiosity: Think of this as access to anything, and you get to ask whatever you want. Be as curious as you want, and dig further on the what’s and why’s of responses you get.

Creativity: Be creative in how you word your prompts and what you are even asking for, or how you interact with ChatGPT.

Critical thinking: Two words, I know, but it starts with “C”. Don’t take everything it spits out as Gospel truth. Think about the results and take the good, and maybe challenge the bad in the next prompt.

So that’s it… go play around, see what you can do. And if you have success landing job interviews with ChatGPT, let me know!