The Principled Job Search (Book #5)


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Many years ago, while presenting at a job club, I talked about making sure that you were doing a principled job search. I hadn’t planned on talking about a principled job search. I don’t remember that phrase being a phrase I had thought about much (although I do love talking and thinking about principles). It just kind of came out.

And then someone interrupted me and asked what did I mean “principled job search.” The question surprised me because the answer seemed to be intuitive but as we started talking about it I could tell that more than one person was interested in my thoughts on what a principled job search meant.

As I have travelled around the world (99% in the U.S. but lots of international webinars/students), and talked to lots of career professionals, I’ve seen a ton of ideas of how to find a job.

Just like you have probably seen tons of fad diets that somehow help with something sometimes, but they aren’t built on principles. They either fail or they are not sustainable.

I advocated for people to practice doing proper career, network, marketing, and job search principles in your job search.

Still, people didn’t know what I was talking about. That’s how confusing the job search was… people who had been in job search for months, getting help from here and there, didn’t grasp the idea of embracing the right principles.

Principles are time-tested and stand the test of time. And that’s what this book is about. I’m not giving a job search system or program (you can find that here), rather I’m sharing principles that can help with whatever system or program you implement.

This book is also a collection of truths I’ve learned along the way, since My Big Fat Failed Job Search of 2006. I’ve learned from countless mentors and job search experts. I’ve learned from many job seekers at various levels from different industries and different locations.

I think about 80% done with the first draft. There’s a chance I get this on Amazon in July… but it might be August.

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