Best Career Advice Ever (for my 4th book)

I’m working on a new project, as you can tell from the title. I want to collect the best career advice ever, from around the world, from different professions and different eras, and compile it into a book.

You can contribute here: Share your best career advice ever

The Best Career Advice Ever book

Why am I putting this book together? Because I feel like a lot is said, especially here and from my colleagues, about current job search advice. That’s great. Also, job search advice changes very fast.

Career advice, though, this is something that should be timeless. Career advice should be something that inspires you as you make big, life-changing decisions. This is way beyond how many pages your resume should be, or what to wear in an interview.

Well, maybe those will come out in the book, who knows.

I want to gather the best career advice ever and I need your help. Please go to the link above (here, so you don’t have to scroll), and fill it out. The more detail the better.

When I’m done I’ll share it on my JibberJobber blog, and on my socials.

But before I can really begin, I need your help. Please share what you’ve heard decades ago, or yesterday, or what you tell others.

What’s the best career advice ever? Share here.

best career advice ever book