Some Important Adulting Truths for 2022

Yesterday I wrote an article on LinkedIn that today I realized was all about adulting truths. The title is We Live In a Screwy, Confusing World. Instead of focusing on why the world is screwy and confusing, even chaotic, I give suggestions on what to focus on.

It’s too easy to let the world and outside influences (friends, media, politicians, etc.) influence you. I’m sure this has an impact on our mental health, depression rates, etc. So, my article on adulting truths was about what you can do, instead of on what is being done to you. In summary, here are my ideas (read the article for context):

  • Focus on your skills
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Focus on principles
  • Focus on your center
  • Respect your health
  • Respect other people
  • Respect yourself
  • Learn about economic cycles
  • Learn about cultures
  • Love

I honestly don’t know if I wrote that to myself or to my adult kids. I write a lot of stuff to myself… always have. I write it as a reminder to be/do better, I write it as a reminder of where I’ve come from. But I certainly write things as a legacy to those I love (my family) and those I care about (those who are going through painful job transitions.

Life is scary. Adulting is a lot less fun, at first, than you want it to be. The consequences are big and real. Sometimes they are expensive.

adulting truths adulting can be scary

But the opportunities are also big and real, and sometimes very rewarding. As I’ve seen three of my kids transition into adults I’m more excited than scared for them. I’m excited that they’ll have opportunities to choose and lose, to conquer and win, to earn and to spend. They’ll learn things in ways more meaningful than if I were to just explain them.

This is the beauty of adulting. It’s a leave-the-nest experience. And while it will be hard, can feel lonely, etc., there are also things you can choose to do that will help you along the way.

No matter how old you are, 17 or 18 and just leaving home, or 68 and winding down a career, living with and by principles is always a good idea. That’s why I wrote the adulting truths article… check it out here:

Adulting Truths for 2022: We Live in a Screwy, Confusing World