JibberJobber is 15 Years Old Today!

Well, we did it!
What is “it”? Maybe it is just staying alive for the last fifteen years. They say most businesses fail in the first few years… and we made it past that.
Maybe our “it” was that we have served over 100,000 job seekers, helping them organize and manage and track their job search and networking.
Maybe our “it is that we have grown and expanded and integrated other products and services into JibberJobber.
I’ll be honest, though… I don’t think about those things as much as I think about YOU. I think about the one person who we are helping right now. That one person might hit my radar because they email us with a bug complaint, or a suggestion, or they upgrade. I look at your name, and if you tell me, where you are in the world. I think about how your job search might be going, and how we can help. Sometimes we help by doing our job well. Sometimes we help by providing a peace of mind… the only friendly, stable thing in your job search.
I set out to get rich with JibberJobber, but I’ve had to just settle with learning that what we’ve created has helped people in a very low part of their life. And that has provided as much richness to me as I could have imagined.
Here’s to another 15 years!
JibberJobber 15 years