You Have to Start Somewhere

Years ago (in 2006) I started this crazy entrepreneurial journey. Somehow I caught wind of blogging, and realized it would be a significant part of getting my story out so more people could learn about JibberJobber.
Starting my blog was… scary. I wasn’t sure about the technology, my voice, my tone, what I should and shouldn’t say, etc. I didn’t have anyone editing my stuff (still don’t, obviously ;)), and wasn’t quite sure how to do it right. I was also a little nervous about the commitment, realizing you don’t just write one post and then quit. I was in this for the long haul.
So, I started. I wrote a post… this one:

It’s Blog Time

Actually, looking at it now I realize I said “Its” instead of “It’s”… oops and oh well.
I started. I swallowed my pride, I moved my fears and concerns aside, and I wrote my first post. You can’t have a second post without a first post. In that post I was honest and open. I said I was a normal guy with normal experiences. I was bragging about having accomplished anything (the main reason I was writing was because I couldn’t keep my job – where is the bragging in that?)

You can’t have a second post without a first post.

That is a pretty good line. Neither can you have a second call, or a followup call, without a first call. So make the call. It won’t be perfect, but it will be done.
Once you start you can get on a journey. And when you are on your journey you can experience all the good stuff, and learn from the hard stuff. I realized one day that the journey is what it’s all about. So get on it, enjoy it, and help others along the way. But you have to start.