The Job Search Program is INTENSE! (Updates)

Last night I finished rerecording the Job Search Program, a six week program that focus on working an informational interviews strategy.

Currently the whole program is audio (with a bunch of text supplements), but once the editor is done with my videos it will be audio and/or video. I’m excited to have this updated with video even though I wish there was a better looking model 🙂

As I was recording last night there was one line that jumped out at me… I tweeted it here:

Yes, the program is intense. As you move through each of the weeks the tasks get increasingly more challenging. I start of gently so you can get your sea legs, and feel some confidence that you can work the program, but the reality is that within a few weeks you might feel uncomfortable. I’m okay with that. When I was in my job search I was uncomfortable 24 hours a day. I did things that were hard and out of my comfort zone. And, I like I said in the tweet (and the program), I’d rather do the hard things that get me back into a great job than do the hard things that come with long-term unemployment.

So, no apologies. But you have my support and my enthusiasm. If you are a Job Search Program customer, reach out to me. I invite you to, multiple times, email me. I want to know how you are doing, what your challenges are, and how I can help. Seriously, reach out to me.