Personal Branding Course Updated for 2021 with Useful Tactics

Last week my newest course update went live. It is called Developing Your Personal Brand. This personal branding course is one of my favorites, and most recommended, courses.

Pluralsight Developing Your Personal Branding Course

This personal branding course is about two and a half hours. I talk about what personal branding actually is, who has a brand, and what you can do to create the branding you want. I share specific tactics, tools, ideas, etc. In the last module I share examples of personal branding ideas others are using.

Preparing to Create My Own Personal Branding Course

When I got certified as a personal branding strategist a hundred years ago, I had already written my book on LinkedIn. I might have already written my book about Facebook. I had been blogging for years and had been actively doing the personal branding tactics I was learning about. I was doing personal branding online and offline. Little did I know I was preparing myself to create this personal branding course by learning everything I could and putting things into practice.

I didn’t learn much in the strategy certification program because it was geared more towards people who hadn’t been thinking about personal branding… but it was good to make sure I was aligned with the best practices being taught to career leaders. Little did I know I’d create my own personal branding course that thousands of people would watch!

Other Career-related Courses

I have about three dozen courses in Pluralsight. Here are the top courses I recommend to job seekers.

In my Career Management 2.0 course and on-stage presentations I talk about the two major components to career management: your network and your personal brand. I’ve been forced, on stage, to keep this to 45 minutes. That is really hard. Once, in Maryland, I went for almost three hours, which seems long but no one left and there were still questions after.

Personal branding got on my radar when my 2006 job search sucked and I realized part of it was my personal brand was non-existent. It hurt me to not have an intentional brand. So, I did a deep dive and came up with a structured approach to creating, developing, communicating, and influencing your brand.

That’s what this personal branding course is about. It’s for the active job seeker, the passive job seeker, the entrepreneur, and even the person who’s sat in the same chair for 30 years, getting close to retirement. Check it out here:

Developing Your Personal Brand