Job Search Tool: A Creative and Simple Job Search Newsletter (In 2 Parts)

Years ago I wrote about a powerful and awesome tactic for networking and personal branding: Creating a simple job search newsletter. The purpose of a simple job search newsletter is to help your network help you in your job search.

In most of my on-stage presentations I talk about the simple job search newsletter. In a few of my Pluralsight courses I talk about how to do it. This is not a flash-in-the-pan, whimsical, outdated suggestion. I think a simple job search newsletter for your network can be a super powerful tool.

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Writing Your Simple Job Search Newsletter

In the April 5th (2012) post I talk about the three things that go into your simple job search newsletter. It should have three SHORT paragraphs. Each paragraph has a very important purpose. At the end is a very specific call to action. This post, How to write a job search newsletter (1 of 2), is the nuts and bolts. Don’t let the simplicity trick you into thinking it isn’t a super powerful tool.

The next day, April 6th, I wrote How to write a job search newsletter (2 of 2). This is an important follow up where I talk about how to keep track of WHAT you have sent to WHO. I talk about how you would use JibberJobber to (a) figure out who you would email (and quickly get an email list for those you want to send the newsletter to) and (b) how to track, in JibberJobber, what you sent and who you sent it to.

Please consider including the job search newsletter in your job search strategy. It doesn’t take much time or effort, but could result in some great conversations, leads, and introductions.  The two links above are to short but important blog posts!

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