How to write a job search newsletter (2 of 2)

This is part 2.  Part 1 (what to put in your job search newsletter) is here.

JibberJobber has two things you want to use to help with your job search newsletter strategy.


In JibberJobber, tag your contacts with something like “newsletter.”  You can have tags like:

  • js_newsletter
  • personal_newsletter
  • family_newsletter
  • professional_newsletter

Get the point?  It could be anything… have “newsletter” in the tag so the tag makes sense later.

Once you have your contacts tagged, you can search for them in the List Panel (see first part of this post), and then get their email addresses (that’s a premium feature) and send one big email (or, multiple emails to subsets of your list).


This is a premium feature also.  When you send the email, send it to JibberJobber as well and you can have a history of WHAT you send to WHO, and WHEN you sent it.

You can copy/paste, but this is way easier.

There ya go – what am I missing?