Shorter, More Concise, More Updated Pluralsight Courses by Jason Alba

Earlier this year I was asked to update a couple of my Pluralsight courses. I shaved about 20 to 30 minutes from each of these:

Effective Email Communication (1 hr 1 m)

Informational Interviews (1 hr 1 m)

DID YOU KNOW? Every time you watch a Jason Alba course on Pluralsight you can self-report (in JibberJobber) and get additional premium JibberJobber days added to your account! 

The effective email communication course is an hour of my tips and ideas on writing better, more concise (see a theme?) emails. Emails that are read and responded to. And, I needed to update some things because I think that was a course from 2013.

I updated my informational interviews course because, well, they asked me. I cut out the superfluous and tightened it up. More importantly, I’ve had a few years to really fall in love with the power and effectiveness of informational interviews as a power strategy for job seekers. I even created the Job Search Program, which centers around informational interviews. I am impressed that this “networking on steroids” tactic can be used by people not in a job search… for example, people who are looking for funding, or partners, or customers, or to expand their team.

The reason I put so much time into JibberJobber and my Pluralsight courses is because I want to share the message of HOPE. And it is my HOPE that these two courses will help you become better at what you do, and what you want to do.

Check them out!

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