Favorite Friday: 10 Reasons to Frequent Job Clubs

JibberJobber Job Club

The first time in my job search (in 2006) I drove to a job club I kind of didn’t have the address with me. I thought I knew where I was going but I ended up driving around a neighborhood for about 20 minutes then threw in the towel and just went home.

Well, at least I tried.

Since then I’ve spoken over a hundred times at job clubs around the U.S. I’m a huge proponent of job clubs. Going changed everything for me. It was the first time since I got laid off that I didn’t feel 100% alone. I also saw other accomplished professionals who were unemployed… just like me. Maybe I wasn’t a complete and utter failure.  I learned plenty at those job clubs, but I found hope and friendship.

Check out this post I wrote in 2017:

10 Reasons to Frequent Job Clubs