When LinkedIn Doesn’t Matter In The Job Search

JibberJobber Job Search ProgramI was talking to my friend Susan Joyce, owner of Job-Hunt.org, and she was telling me about someone in their job search. She said something profound… as she was talking about this person and how they were (or weren’t) using LinkedIn:

“I don’t think it matters what he puts in LinkedIn. He is so well connected, he had his list of target companies,…”

She went on to talk about how this person is really into networking. Of course, this person might not say it that way, but the reality is that a lot of people know him and he knows a lot of people. He can, and does, have lots of conversations with people who can help him land his next role.

Now, if you hate networking, or you hate the idea of networking, or you don’t know how to network, don’t worry. You can learn. I know, scary. But scarier is not having a job for too many months (or years).


If you want help, get the Job Search Program, which centers around networking.  I walk you through, day by day, how to network. We start slow and easy, and as you gain confidence and get better and learn new skills, you have better conversations. Eventually you have better conversations with people who will help you land your next job.

Resumes are important. Your LinkedIn profile is important. But if you aren’t networking, and having the right conversations with the right people, you are missing opportunities that you should be capitalizing on.

When does LinkedIn not matter anymore? When your network is so rich, and you know how to talk to your network, and how to help them help you in your job search, that you aren’t relying on someone finding and being impressed with your profile.