Pluralsight $100 off: Now Is The Time To Upgrade on Pluralsight

Every once in a while Pluralsight goes on sale. Now is that once in a while. The normal price is $299 for the personal plan, so this is a 33% savings and definitely worth it. (the premium plan is normally $449/year, and with this discount it is $349). Upgrade here.

“What?!?!?!”, you ask?

“Get Pluralsight for a whole freaking year for only $199? That is absurd!!”

Yes, yes it is. Very absurd. Nutso.

But it’s true. And now is the time to jump on it. Here’s the email I got from Pluralsight:

Hi Jason,

Ready to take your tech skills to the next level? Spend the next 12 months learning for less.


For a limited time, you can build the technology skills you need at a seriously discounted rate. Take advantage of this awesome offer and get $100 off premium and personal annual subscriptions. Building the tech skills of the future never felt so good.

And they clarified **offer not valid in India** (because the pricing in India is so different already).

What is Pluralsight, you ask? Well, let me tell you. I have been a Pluralsight “author” (which means course creator) since 2012. I am currently working on my 34th course with Pluralsight. I started out doing courses for your career, and then went into anything soft skills and professional development. Over the next few days, until 9/20, I’ll be sharing ideas, thoughts, and even testimonials about my courses on the blog. Stay tuned. And sorry if you get Pluralsight fatigue…. but this sale doesn’t happen often and it’s a great time to get serious about improving yours skills.

Jump on it here and buckle up… I’ll be sharing as much high value as I can. If you hate personal improvement and career management, come back in a couple of weeks :p