Job Search Program Feedback 2 from Rob Joseph

Rob Joseph MBA Finance Executive OhioYesterday I introduced you to Rob Joseph, MBA, a finance executive who is in Ohio. I shared a bit of our communication, and his thoughts about the Job Search Program. A couple of weeks after I got that email, I got this:

“Yesterday, my second voicemail request for an informational interview resulted in an immediate callback, a 40-minute phone conversation, and an invitation for me to interview in person with a consulting firm in two weeks time.  Fantastic!

[This] method really works!”

That email made my day! The principles of the job search and Rob’s willingness to do it, and end a job search, is what works! Great job Rob!
This can work for you! There’s no silver bullet, nothing magical… and no secrets. It’s a system, based on principle, and your consistent efforts. Ready to get started? Follow the instructions here.