Job Search Program Feedback 1 from Rob Joseph

Rob Joseph MBA Finance Executive OhioRob Joseph is a finance executive in Ohio. He came across JibberJobber a few months ago and I invited him to be an alpha tester of the Job Search Program. He jumped on it when there wasn’t even an app… I sent him a link to the audio every day. What did he have to say about it early on?

“The key advantage of [today’s audio] is that it got me free from analysis paralysis that has had me stuck for some time.  I was under the impression I had to read every job search book in my library before getting started with my actual, systematic job search.  You told me to get started, and I did.”

This program is all about getting moving. I don’t intend to make you an expert in job search strategy… I also felt like I had to read a lot and study before I could dive into the job search. Instead of spending days and weeks studying to understand, trust me, and work this job search program. You’ll learn as you go, but you don’t need to delay progress and results while learning. Rob continues:

“Also, as much as I liked and learned from your PluralSight videos, this short podcast was much more action-oriented.  I got me to take action.”

I love my Pluralsight courses, too. But they have a different intention and a different audience. This job search program is intended for a job seeker who is serious about making progress and landing a great job. They are ready to put in the work and do hard things. Is that you? Follow the instructions here to get started.