The Lie of the Best First Step in the Job Search

jacque-barret-poindexter-job-expertMy friend Jacqui Barret-Poindexter recently wrote this on Facebook:

In #jobsearch, so many of us want to say, ‘this or that’ is the best 1st step in order to conduct a proper search. But really, there is no one best way to initiate your search.

Sometimes, it feels counterintuitive to start with the first step, or you just feel stuck. In these instances, you can sometimes push through that initial activity, and you will break through to the light.

Or, there is another option, and that is to bypass the beginning (for now) and get some traction in the middle. Sometimes, just ‘jumping’ into the mix of it all is the way to break through the clutter and get your bearings.

As an example, you may think building your #resume is the best first step of your search. And, for many people it is natural to dive into the introspective pool required to craft your career story as your first big move.

However, it may be for you, conducting some due diligence through informational conversations with people at your target companies or in your sought-after industry, or seeking out career coaching to garner more focus is optimal as you inaugurate into the job search waters.

Bottom line: Don’t look at job search as linear; instead, think of it as a multifaceted, zigzagging process. Leverage the ambiguity to carve a path fit just for you and your goals.

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, CEO | Master Resume Writer at CareerTrend, is 1 of only 50 master resume writers + has crafted >1,500 interview-spurring career stories. Her BA in writing/journalism allows her to apply a journalist’s eye to your career. Connect with Jacqui on LinkedIn or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


1 thought on “The Lie of the Best First Step in the Job Search”

  1. Some people need structure, especially in emotional taxing situations like unemployment and career/job change. I would say that some people are very good at following a different path to reach their desired end result. Kudos to them and their ability to “free-form.” There is nothing wrong with those who divide the hunt into step by step (often simplified) tasks and stick to them to get where they need to go. Different stroke for different folks.

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