Welcome Thrive Global Readers Who Don’t Want to Be a Hot Mess in a Job Search!

This morning I noticed an uptick in signups… and this article written by career coach and HR executive Barbara Schultz: Strategies to Avoid Being a Hot Mess in Job Search

I love the Art of War quote under the title:

Thrive Global Art of War Barbara Schultz

If you can’t read it there, it says:

“strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

I love that! Is your job search SLOW (in which case, evaluate your strategy) or is it noisy (lots of action, no results, in which case evaluate your tactics)?

Go read Barbara’s article. Of course, she recommends JibberJobber to keep your job search organized… I’m always grateful for a mention like this. And then tell me, how is your strategy, and how are your tactics?

Here’s a link to Barbara Shultz‘ LinkedIn profile:

Barbara Schultz Career Coach HR Executive