“How Does JibberJobber Help Me Find A Job?”

JibberJobber complex job search processLeo asked this question:

How does JibberJobber help me find a job?

I’ve been thinking about this since he asked… my first thought goes to what I’ve heard over the years, which is slightly reworded but I have heard it a lot: How does JibberJobber FIND A JOB FOR ME?

It doesn’t. Nothing does. YOU have to find the job.

When I was a kid, growing up in Northern California, I loved hunting for snakes and lizards. I had to turn over every rock that I could, ever log that would move. It was exhilarating. Many rocks and logs didn’t have anything under them, but what if one had The One?  What if?

I had to do the work. I had to go outside, I had to walk around, I had to go to each rock or log, I had to turn them over… nobody and nothing would do the finding for me.

Oh, but what about job boards? They find me jobs, right?

Well, yes, kind of. They are a potential source of opportunities. But some of those opportunities are not real, some are only posted for compliance reasons (the hiring manager already knows who he/she wants to hire), and some… the good ones, have already gotten hundreds of applications.  It’s as if I were 9 again, and in line behind 20 other kids who were each taking a turn turning over the rock. By the time it got to me I guarantee there woudn’t be a snake under there!

JibberJobber will not find (or get) a job FOR you. But it is a tool that will help you along the way.


Don’t think of JibberJobber as a tool to discover new opportunities. There are plenty of other tools, including LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, etc.

Think of JibberJobber as the tool that HELPS you stay organized, and manage the massive amounts of complex information that you take in.

For example, you find 10 jobs on Indeed that you want to apply to. Great. Spend your whole day doing that… but how do you know tomorrow, or next week, which jobs and companies you’ve already applied to? How do you know who has replied to you, and where you are at with each of those 10?

JibberJobber helps you keep track of when you applied, which resume you used to apply, when you should follow up, which ones replied and which ones you need to cross off the list.

JibberJobber is a tracking tool… and organizational tool… a management tool.

JibberJobber replaces the Job Search Spreadsheet.

JibberJobber is your personal CRM, as you work towards finding your next job, and as you nurture and grow your personal and professional network.

That’s how JibberJobber HELPS you find your next job.

You have a lot of work to do. But we do as much of the heavy lifting as we can.