What Do You Want? Write It Down!

I have a very specific goal for 2019. By the end of today, it will be written down, and taped on my wall (or monitor) so I can see it every single day.

It will guide my thinking and my decisions.

It will help me stay focused.

It will help me avoid being wishy-washy and focusing on things I shouldn’t focus on.

The written goal will be my mini vision board. I’ll see it multiple times a day, and it will be in my mind all the time.

I want YOU to write down what you are after.

Don’t just write: “A job!”

Write something very specific, like:

“I will have a job as a product manager in a funded, healthy, and growing high-tech company. I will add considerable value to my team, the customers, and the company, and I will have growth opportunities. I will make $______, and have a great work-life balance.”

I wouldn’t make it too long, but you can see the level of detail that I’m after.

I have not done this much over the last 13 years since I started JibberJobber. But this year is different. I have goals that I need to focus on, and I will keep them central to my thinking because they will be on my wall very soon.

And you?


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