Epic News: My Next Pluralsight Course is Live (How to Have Difficult Conversations) Number 29?

Difficult conversations can be difficult!

For the last three years my time spent on Pluralsight courses was winded down significantly. I went from creating about twelve courses in a year (which was no easy task) to zero… I found that stopping that revenue stream left a significant void in my schedule and my income… which is one reason why I went to work for BambooHR.

Miracle of miracles, in October I was on a call with my main Pluralsight contact and we were talking about starting up again. And so we did… and today I get to announce that my 31st course is live! This one is titled:

How to Have Difficult Conversations


I’m proud of this course for various reasons. I think I did a really good job on the course, in general. With the help of Pluralsight and a peer reviewer, I think this is my most visually appealing course (although I make my courses so that you could listen to them on a treadmill, or without visuals).

The idea for this course came from listening to conversations at BambooHR. One of their unspoken themes is around having difficult, or crucial, conversations. In fact, they recently sent everyone the book Crucial Conversations. If that doesn’t tell you it’s on their mind, then what does?

Difficult conversations… with a colleague, a boss, a subordinate (I don’t like that word :/), a spouse, a neighbor, a loved one… with whoever. They are a part of our world. We may try to avoid them but we won’t avoid all of them.

An executive at Bamboo asked me to have a difficult conversation with someone, and said something like: Every time someone has a difficult conversation, good comes out of it. Every single time.

Avoid them if you must, but you are avoiding personal growth. You are avoiding better relationships and a better work or home environment. Avoiding difficult conversations will stunt progress.

Having difficult conversations, with planning and purpose, and do wonders.

Spend 94 minutes on my course, and you should be on your way to having better difficult conversations!

Want free access to my course? Want 30 days of full Pluralsight access, at no cost to you? Leave a comment or message me and I’ll tell you how. No obligation… 

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