12 Years Ago An Idea Was Born

Twelve years ago, in February of 2006, I was a few weeks into my job search. I was spinning wheels, stubbornly doing the wrong things, frustrated, and depressed.

I wasn’t excited to get out of bed and do things that weren’t working, only to find a job at a company that might not keep me around for long. I had lost hope that there was an awesome job at an awesome company that I could fit into. The silence from recruiters and hiring managers was puzzling and demoralizing.

From my frustration I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong. I thought of the job search as a process, and set out to understand the process and see where I was failing.  It was during this exercise that I realized there was an opportunity to make things better for me and millions of job seekers. And that is how the idea of JibberJobber was born.

It’s been a crazy, fun, hard, challenging, rewarding twelve years. In this twelve years I’ve authored 3 (published) books and 30 Pluralsight courses. I’ve spoken hundreds of times in multiple countries and been on tons of webinars and podcasts. I’ve been treated like a (mini) celebrity and I’ve been strongly challenged on some of my ideas. I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime (users, partners, colleagues), and I have great satisfaction in knowing that I have helped individuals and families during some very dark and hard times.

I found my opportunity in my dark hours. I wonder, if you are in dark hours, what opportunities you will find. I hope yours are as rewarding as mine have been.

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