How Many People Know You Are In A Job Search?

This morning I was thinking about the job seeker (me, and you, and pretty much everyone, even if they don’t know it). The one I met at a networking event who was in transition, but no one knew it. He was happy, and rico suave, and talked about all kinds of things, except the job search. We had no idea that he was even on the market… he seemed to be headed very fast and strong in a certain direction.

It’s great to be optimistic, and working towards something, and have hope.  It’s great to not be the Debbie Downer at an event, or amongst your network. And no one wants to be The Project.

However, this person I have in mind, the one who doesn’t let anyone know he needs help, is in stark contrast to the other person who lets everyone know. His email list, his neighbors, his family, people at his church, or this club or that club… everyone knows that he’s looking for a certain type or level of job, and maybe can even name some of his target companies.

I recently learned of two close friends who were out of work for almost a year… two or three years ago. I didn’t know at the time, but I found out much later. Being out of work, for many, is an embarrassing secret.  But it shouldn’t be.  It’s more common than you think. It doesn’t mean that you are a horrible worker, and it’s not a black mark on your career. It’s now just a fact of life.

So, how many people know you are in a job search? I challenge you to add a few more people to that list, today, tomorrow, and every day until you finally land.

People want to help you out of a bind, but they can’t if they don’t know you are in a bind.


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