31 Predictions for Job Search in 2017 (make that 32)

Hannah Morgan polled some of her friends to ask for predictions for the 2017 job search.  You can read them here: 31 Experts Share Predictions for Job Search in 2017

Here are my predictions:

The job search in 2017 is going to be… unpredictable.  We have not only a new president of the U.S., but we have a new kind of president. The economy seems to be doing great right now (super low unemployment in my state) but I wonder what will happen if the racial tensions continue to increase like they have over the last year+ (and especially in the last few months). I wonder what will happen with international relations (specifically, with the new administration, and the direction they go with other countries), and how that will impact jobs, careers, hiring, and the value of a dollar. I’m not talking about the exchange rate… I’m talking about how much can you buy with a dollar? I wonder what will happen with the $15 minimum wage, and how those fighting for it will be impacted (jobless) by companies that replace them with robots and automation.  I wonder what would happen if masses of federal employees suddenly lost their jobs as the new president eliminates (or significantly reduces) entire sections of administration/bureaucracy (EPA, Dept. of Education, etc.). Can you imagine hundreds of thousands of former government employees looking for a job?

For me, there is too much up in the air. I hope for the best, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  The vile and nauseating hate that we’ve seen on social media, and in some of our communities, is what can destroy America. That means destroying companies, jobs, lives, futures.  I want to see a people that is more focused on giving and serving and loving and helping than on spewing hate just to make a political point. I see this on my Facebook feed from all sides, and it’s disheartening.

What does this have to do with jobs?  Everything. Because this attitude, and these changes, are becoming the fabric of who we are. How much do we hate? How “tolerant” are we?  How much do we feel like we need to say?  I’ve seen and heard things that have caused me to think “never will I hire you… ever.”  The one comment from someone on Facebook lost them any chance they have of working at JibberJobber, or any company or project I manage in the future.  People are a lot more concerned about their political side (aka party) winning than they are at taking personal responsibility for the things they can really have an impact on. Too bad it’s easier to sit there and type vile and opinion, in the name of being politically active, than it is to actually do something to better yourself, or help someone else.

My prediction for jobs is that it will be business as usual in 2017. Some people will be really, really good at it and have very short job searches.  Others will work towards months and even years of unemployment, as they refuse to really learn how to network, really focus on their messaging (or, personal branding), as they refuse to figure out how to develop multiple streams of income.  Everyone will be up for a new job, as companies continue to focus on specific projects and then let people go, as opposed to offering decades of employment.

More people will continue to catch on to this concept of career management, but too many will whine and complain and get further and further behind.

Sounds bleak, but here’s the hope: YOU can control what YOU do.  Not what companies or other job seekers or ATS manufacturers do.  YOU control every minute of your day.  Focus on things that will help you have more control of your career, and create the lifestyle you want and need.  This can be impacted by outside forces (the new president) but it is not all up to him. It’s up to YOU. Once you internalize that, the future can look brighter than it ever has!

Here’s 31 predictions that are more optimistic than mine: <strong><a href=”https://careersherpa.net/31-experts-share-predictions-for-job-search-in-2017/”>31 Experts Share Predictions for Job Search in 2017</a></strong>

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  1. Jason,
    Thanks for mentioning the post about predictions.
    I don’t think your forecast is bleak. I think it’s real. Each person must take ownership of their career and job search. Complaining and playing a victim won’t help the situation! Those that thrive will be optimistic, assertive and proactive!

    Cheers for a great 2017!

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