Problem with JibberJobber? Just Ask…

Story time:

I have been watching an email thread started by Phil (on the Contact page), describing a funky problem he was having. Indeed, he found a bug.

Liz tested and was able to duplicate the problem, and got the dev team on it right away (meaning, pulled them off of what they were working on to fix the bug). She then tested their fix and they released it to the live server.  Liz then followed-up with Phil and he tested it on his end, and confirmed that it worked.

This is a great example of how things can go if you let us know what is wrong. Sometimes people delete their accounts and leave a nasty gram, such as “I didn’t find the jobs I wanted to on JibberJobber. It’s just like Indeed. This sucks!”  Other times they come back months later and say “this hasn’t been working forever… you guys stink!”

Folks, just let us know what’s going on, and where it is, and let us find and fix it.  We do our best to get on things right away, but if we don’t know there is a problem, we’ll never be able to address it.

And, you get extra karma points for being nice 🙂