“Networking is the old way of finding a job.”

Last week I was talking to a job seeker who said he continually hears that “networking is the old way of finding a job.”


Are you kidding me?

I have not heard this, but if there is a trend right now where people say to discard networking, let me be the first to cry hogwash.

Perhaps people think that instead of talking to humans, you should focus on LinkedIn. Or Instagram, or Snapchat, or whatever the social media flavor of the year is.  Let me suggest that if you say “social media” over networking, you really don’t understand what networking is.

Why? Because done right, doing stuff on social media is indeed networking.

There are two key components to any job search: networking, and personal branding.

Social media provides tools for you to network with others, and to communicate your personal brand.

When it comes to finding your next job, networking. If anyone tells you that networking is the old way of finding a job, well, it’s pretty obvious: RUN the other way.

1 thought on ““Networking is the old way of finding a job.””

  1. I agree 100%. Networking has been the only way I’ve ever found a job throughout my working career. It all comes down to timing and who you know, who may know something or someone, who may have a relevant piece of information (or another “new” contact who may be of help to you) that may help your job search. People to people.

    Job sites are impersonal and although you may be the perfect candidate for a particular job, you might be screened out by a computer application and nix your chances to secure a perfect job. I agree, networking is the way to go!

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