Two Weeks On Body For Life. The Results?

Last week my 15 year old son and I started Body for Life.  I had a great run with Body for Life about 15 years ago…. and the experience left a terrific impression on me.

Now, my 15 year old is interested in fitness, and has some specific goals (he wants ripped abs), and that was all I needed to say “I’m in!!”

So I’ve been eating pretty good… I’d say about 90% loyal to the food part of it.  Working out has been better… so far I’ve been doing the workout program 100%.  I’m kind of tired, but it feels so good to get back into a healthy lifestyle.  Along with that, I hope to be more in shape. That is, I hope to look fitter.  That is, I hope to look less fat.

So over the last few days as I work out I’ll look in the mirror (which isn’t exactly where I work out, so I kind of have to drag my dumbbells across the room).  I’m expecting all of these lean meals and the hard parts to pay off… but looking in the mirror is encouraging.

I’m sorry… that last sentence didn’t have proper grammar. Let me fix it:

Looking in the mirror IS NOT encouraging.

I look… the same.

I feel different… more toned, and I know I’ve lost a little weight… I feel healthier, but I look the same. 🙁

In the book it says that you won’t see result right away… I think it takes weeks, maybe even after your first month, to see results.

Compare this to networking. Let’s say, like most new job seekers, you start “cold turkey.” You go through the pains of humbling yourself to make phone calls, making “mistakes,” and getting over yourself so you will actually talk to people.  After a couple of weeks you feel like you have moved mountains, and you are proud of what you have done, and how you have changed.

But when you look at the relationships, they seem to be going nowhere. You don’t have job offers.  You probably haven’t had interviews, and you might not have had anyone refer you to their friend, perhaps for an informational interview.

But I’ve seen this work… I’ve seen the results of body for life after ten weeks (it’s a twelve week program). And I’ve seen the results of networking after weeks and weeks, months and months, and even years and years.

Yes, networking is a years and years thing, but it all starts with Day One.  And then follows Day Two, and Day Three, and before you know it you’ll be on Day Fifty.  Then Day Two Hundred…

Yes, you’ll have cheat days.  That’s okay.  That is days where you eat anything you want (Body for Life), or days you don’t talk to anyone (networking).  That’s okay.  You move on, and stay disciplined, and consistent, and keep on keeping on.

And one day your waste line, bicep size, or network relationships will be so fit, and so healthy, that you’ll look back on all of your execution and discipline with pride and confidence, because that day, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Just start today, and keep moving forward each day.