“I’d rather jump off a bike than…”

This morning I was out and about with my 9 year old daughter… we were at a park and she remembered a time when she had was about to crash into something.  As she was telling me the story, she said:

“I would rather jump off my bike than crash…!”

That simple phrase made me think about… what else?  Transitions!

I would rather leave a company, on my own terms, when I’m ready, than be blindsided by a layoff or firing.

Not the perfect analogy, but close enough.

I’m not suggesting that you “jump off the bike” now… but you’ll know when it is the right time.  No one wants to jump off a bike, but when it’s the right time, there are no other choices… so off you jump!

I jumped off a bike a couple of times in my career.  Then, in 2006, I flat out crashed.  Everything was different.  When you crash you are emotional, lost, frustrated, etc.

The most important thing I would suggest is that no matter how you end up off that bike, get prepared!  Network, get your branding where it needs to be, and use JibberJobber, starting now!