Plan Your Career Path for Happiness and Success

I saw this image about what a career path looks like from Wendy Terwelp. This image is totally aligned with my newest Pluralsight course: Building and Managing Your Career Plan.  You can get free access to this course with a 30-day pass… click here for the steps.


I think one of the most important messages from this image is that there are too many uncontrollable factors/variables, and we need to learn how to embrace and work with change.

What other lessons can we get from this image regarding your career path?

1 thought on “Plan Your Career Path for Happiness and Success”

  1. Hi Jason,

    Glad you enjoyed the image. Here’s the story:

    Our career paths often take a winding road to reach our ultimate goal. And often our goals change – as do work environments. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows the average person changes jobs 11.7 times during his/her lifetime via 2015 report. Career changes ranged from 4 to 7 depending on what survey you review.

    We both agree, change is the only constant. Embrace it and use it to your advantage.

    Rock on. Jason.


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