Onboarding New JibberJobber User On Your Team

There are a few organizations that have multiple people using JibberJobber as a CRM.  We weren’t designed to be multi-user, but if you are okay with a handful of people sharing one account in a company, then we’re a pretty okay solution.  Here’s a (modified) question from Jane Roqueplot, who’s career (resumes, coaching, assessments) company uses JibberJobber as their CRM:

We have a new assistant on staff. I want her to learn JibberJobber, but I don’t want her to learn with our existing records. I want her to self-study and watch your videos, etc. I’m thinking she could access a temporary JibberJobber account so she can learn it. What do you think?

Very smart to have her get familiar with JibberJobber without going into your live data. Here was my edited response to her, which might help you if you are in a multi-user environment:

I just brought on a new developer and the first thing I had her do was the most important: watch the orientation (90ish minutes), and then the getting started videos (120ish minutes).  She needed to watch the orientation to get an idea of what I was excited about, and watch both sets of videos to understand the breadth and depth of JibberJobber.

If I were to hire an admin, I would have them watch one or the other, and maybe both, and definitely let them know about both. For training, have her get her own account, which she then would have forever. Give her a list of tags to use [Note: Jane’s setup is optimized to get value out of tags].  She could enter kids, nephews, cousins, neighbors, etc. Going through that process, and maybe a few exercises you create that your team does (like getting certain reports), would do a lot to bring her up to speed.

In a nutshell:

  1. Watch training videos – these are broken down to 10 minutes (more or less) so you don’t have to carve out 2+ hours just to watch them all.
  2. Start up your own account.
  3. Put information in about people you know, including personal contacts…. and just play around.

The learning + doing model should help you get up to speed on using, and getting value out of, JibberJobber.

Good luck!