DISC Assessements, Your Personality, The Right Fit Job

The fine folks at JaneCo’s Sensible Solutions, who also run ProfilingPro, have offered their DISC assessment services to you.

You may have heard of DISC… it is a “behavior assessment tool based on the DISC theory… which centers on four different behavioral traits, which… are…: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance.” That is from wikipedia.

You’ve surely heard of the Myers-Briggs and other personality assessment tools… DISC is one that has caught on in the workplace. Here is a great write-up about DISC vs. StrengthsFinder: Compare Clifton StrengthsFinder and DISC.  Personally, I think that these are all helpful tools, and the more you learn about yourself, the more prepared you are to communicate your strengths and gravitate towards a rewarding role that you are inclined to succeed in.

While your report from the assessment process is easy to read, easy to understand and therefore, easy to apply the information, JaneCo’s ProfilingPro team takes your DISC results and helps you make sense of them, and figure out how to position yourself for your next role. There are different versions of the reports. Do you need word choices for resume development, branding, professional bios, and other personal marketing materials? There’s a Resume and Cover Letter DISCstyles version for that. In fact, it’s even great for interview preparation. If this is what you need, get started here.

Are you changing careers? You can select the version that goes beyond the Resume and Cover Letter report and get the comprehensive Career Management Report. The Career Management Report will give you all the same as the Resume and Cover Letter version, PLUS, it will even list actual job titles and specific occupational codes that match your style preferences. Either version can be used for interview prep and professional development. If you need help with your career path, order this version here.

Here is some helpful information:


Research suggests that 50-80 percent of all employed adults are in the wrong job or career. The Career Management Report helps you make career decisions and plan your changes by clarifying the job expectations, identifying the reasons for any inner conflict, revealing stressors experienced in your past or present jobs and in analyzing your perception of your “ideal job.”


Based on your responses, the Career Management Report will provide an understanding of your work style and identify the basic natural behaviors that you bring to the job. The report will also identify your special talents and value to the organization.


The needs and wants section of the Career Management Report will indicate what behavioral needs must be met for performance at an optimum level. You will learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. By understanding those weaknesses that may be hindering performance, you can develop an action plan to manage, mitigate or reduce them.


This section of the Career Management Report compares your perception of your ideal environment with the environment best suited for your inherent traits. By identifying your ideal work environment, your report will identify specific duties and responsibilities that you enjoy and will also make you aware of those that create frustration. It will list how the job requires you to respond to problems and challenges, influence others, deal with
activity levels, respond to rules set by others and accommodate quality expectations.


  • Understanding your natural behavioral style
  • Determining your best role in the organization and capitalizing on your unique value to secure it
  • Knowing behaviors necessary for job success
  • Discovering job titles most appropriate for your behavioral style including specific instructions to get all the necessary details on the job titles to be sure the job matches your personal criteria. (education, location, salary, job growth potential, etc.)
  • Understanding how to respond to everyday challenges in your specific work environment

Are you interested? The cost for the DISC – RESUME is $79 (we are an affiliate). You can take the Resume and Cover Letter DISC DISC assessment here,  and then you’ll get your report emailed directly to you.

If you need career direction, it is just $125.00. Get started here.

I’d love to hear what your experiences are, and what the value you get its.  Please drop me a note through the Contact page.