Contract Sales Opportunity: Sell Job Postings to Employers for JibberJobber

I recently announced I’m offering contract sales opportunities for salespeople with JibberJobber.  You can read my original announcement here.

In response to inquiries, I am putting together a document for people who ask for more information.  Let me know if you want this document… the questions I answer in this document include:

  • What is JibberJobber?
  • What is the opportunity?
  • Why might you want to do this?
  • What is the sales cycle?
  • How much can I make?
  • What is the sales price?
  • How can I get started – where do I go from here?
  • What is JibberJobber’s value proposition?
  • How is selling JJ Job postings different than selling monster, career, etc.?
  • But…I have never done sales… can I still do this?
  • Is there really a market for job postings?

Sound interesting?  Email me with a resume, your LinkedIn Profile, and seriously, try to sell yourself a little to me (aka, send me a cover letter, which could be the body of your email).

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