Want to Work for JibberJobber?

Over the last almost-ten years I have gotten many a resume and email asking what our openings were.  Frankly, there were none. But now there is.

Oh, while we’re talking about it, let me say that yes, last night we had a big release (which means my team has been working crazy hours developing, testing, debugging, etc.), where we enhanced our job postings (aka, job board).  This enhancement wasn’t what I would call monumental… that’s coming down the road. This was just a clean-up so that it was a lot easier to post a job on JibberJobber.

Companies can now post jobs on JibberJobber.

If you are ready now, mouse over Jobs, then click on Post a Job.  We’ll make this even easier in the coming weeks.

Wait… you mean to say that you didn’t even know you could post a job on JibberJobber?  Put your cool opportunities in front of our smart, engaged users?  Yeah, we’ve actually had that for a few years, but it was not done very well.  So we cleaned it up.  And we have some things that I think are revolutionary to the job search, job postings, and hiring process coming down the line.

There are two really big problems in my world (that is, the world of JibberJobber). Well, there are more than two, but I’m working on these two right now.

First, the job search process is broken.  Specifically, job postings and job boards are broken. Or as Nick Corcodilos says, ineffective.  Here’s a post that can make job seekers cry into their cheerios. Here’s an interview that is a must watch.  Why is job postings a multi-billion dollar industry if it doesn’t work very well?  It’s not going away… and I think I have some ideas that will increase the effectiveness for both job seekers and employers.  Stay tuned over the next few months.

Second, my users have needs.  You need money to pay your bills, and the gap on your resume isn’t getting any smaller.  If you are concerned about those two issues, then check out the link below.  I have spent the last few months designing a role for my users to sell job postings, make money, fill a gap on their resume, and more.  This is specifically designed for professionals in transition (or, JibberJobber users). As I’ve floated the idea past a good 40 people, I’ve been told that the commission structure is “very generous.”  If you are interested in this, I’m interested in talking to you.  Click the link below.

Want to work for JibberJobber? Check out Job Post Numero Uno.