5 tricks to finding a job using an online job aggregator

A job aggregator collates various job postings from multiple sites (sometimes into the hundreds or thousands) in order to provide job seekers with comprehensive and wide-ranging search results.

Job aggregators work very much like a search engine, pulling in the top results of job vacancies on the internet. This is incredibly valuable for job seekers as it provides them with access to a multitude of available listings that they may not have found otherwise.

Five advantages of using a job aggregator to search for jobs:

  • A job aggregator site collects a variety of online job postings from an assembly of sites, storing these listings in a massive, central database, making these listings conveniently accessible to job seekers
  • Aggregators pull from a wide scope of sites, including postings from employer sites, classified adverts, reputable job boards, job portals, and more
  • Due to the large inclusion of vacancies from all over the web, the job seeker’s search is made significantly easier and less challenging, as they have immediate access to a large database of relevant vacancies, saving them considerable time
  • Aggregators provide listings that the job seeker may not have come across otherwise
  • Aggregator’s focus solely on job search, and they are able to display job postings by region, sector, date posted, full time vs. part time jobs, jobs that were posted by recruiters and those that were posted by employers, and so forth

One of the biggest aggregators is www.zigo.co.za, with a notable number of results that are current, reputable, and where the job seeker can search thousands of jobs quickly and easily. Job seekers can search according to job title, company, or by typing in relevant keywords, as well as according to region.

These listings include jobs in the USA, the US as well as in South Africa. Recruiters are able to post job listings on the site, and job seekers are able to upload their CV as well as browse jobs, essentially making it a one-stop shop.

The benefits of job aggregator sites are myriad, providing a comprehensive search with all of the relevant bases covered. Aggregator sites are currently being used significantly more than traditional job boards and recruitment agencies (that once led the job search market), specifically due to their convenience, speed and all-inclusive results.


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