JibberJobber Orientation, Free Week Upgrade

If you have watched the nine JibberJobber Orientation videos, you know you get a week upgrade just for watching them.  Each time you watch them.  While you can watch them once a week, let me recommend watching the Pluralsight courses, for variety 🙂  Anyway, how do you get the free upgrade?

Of course, you can reach out to us through the Contact form and let us know you watched them, and we’ll upgrade you.  But if you like self-service, simply follow the instructions to get a Pluralsight account, turn the Tracker on, and then you can self-report on the Tracker page.  Instructions are here.

As a bonus, once you have done that, you are simply a click away from watching any Pluralsight course at no cost to you… including any Jason Alba course which will earn you additional 7-day upgrades.  Click the link to learn more, and get started today 🙂