I Want To Empower You

A few years ago I had an epiphany.  While doing some exercises on mission and vision for JibberJobber, and for yourself, I narrowed down my own mission and purpose to that of empowering YOU.

I created JibberJobber ten years ago because as a job seeker, I felt grossly unempowered.

I wrote my book, I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???, because I felt unempowered and confused with LinkedIn.

I worked hard to get 30 day passes to Pluralsight for my users, and reward you for learning, because knowledge can be empowering.

Everything I’ve done in the last 10 years have been because of things I’ve seen where we, as job seekers (and I believe we are all job seekers, even if we are “happily employed”), can have more personal empowerment.  Where we just need a bit more knowledge, or a bit more tools.

Soon, I will announce another movement to empower you.  This announcement will give you a bit more knowledge, and a bit more tools, but more, it will give you significant opportunity.

We will give you the opportunity to earn money.

We will give you the opportunity to fill a gap on your resume.

We will give you the opportunity to develop your soft skills.

We will give you the opportunity to network differently.

This opportunity is not a handout. Instead, it is an opportunity that meets you where you are, and relies on you to work.  But I know you aren’t afraid of that.

We’ve been working on this for years, and have been designing and developing this for months. Stay tuned for a full announcement, hopefully this week…!