Spouse’s Role in a Job Search, and under 5% Unemployment Rate

I just got pinged from a blog post, which included a link to one of my most favorite blog posts.  Joyce is a photographer in Houston, and wrote about her husband’s layoff.  Please read this. For all of the politicians celebrating the terrific under 5% unemployment rate, this is the reality of today’s world, when a layoff happens:

Curve Ball

In her post, Joyce links to a post I wrote six years ago, titled The Spouse’s Role In Your Job Search.  I have 13 points there… please read that, too, and share it with people who need to read it.

In my comment to Joyce, I wrote:

I just read about the super low unemployment rate that everyone in the U.S. should be celebrating… just like had 10 years ago when I was in transition. It felt like everyone was happy about how great the economy was, but in my house, the unemployment rate was 100%

A low unemployment rate when I was unemployed meant that there was something wrong with me.  Nothing made sense in that logic, but it didn’t help my thinking or attitude.

This is why I do what I do.  Because there are real families and relationships and lives impacted.

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  1. Jason,
    I am so touched that you reached out to me. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and I am thankful I found it. I felt totally lost and helpless on what I could do for my husband. Your article gave me direction. I read many of the comments and share the wish that maybe your wife can share her perspective sometime during this time.
    I look forward to perusing your other posts!

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